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22 Pictures People Who Are Good Students Will Never Understand

Procrastination is a lifestyle.

1. Your life ethos:

2. Making the right choices:

3. These beautiful words:


5. "I got it":

6. Keeping your options open:

7. How work gets done:

8. Keeping quiet:

9. The natural progression:

10. Cutting corners any way you can:

11. This, every time:

12. Taking over the class:

13. Which lead to THOSE days in class:

14. And this, pretty much every day:

15. Test confusion:

16. And getting OUT of there:

17. Setting goals:

18. Taking full advantage of vacation:

19. And challenging yourself:

20. The power of estimation:

21. And, like, every day in class:

22. And, finally, thinking back on what you learned all those years: