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    23 People Who Are Living In The Fucking Future

    We're obsolete.

    1. This cheese visionary:

    2. This cyborg:

    3. Big Bill Thompson:

    4. This chicken nugget enthusiast:

    5. The man with the watch from the future:

    6. The garbage king:

    7. This mom and dog duo:

    8. This chocolate milk savant:

    9. This musical genius:

    10. This artist:

    11. This sleepy fellah:

    12. The alpha and the omega of mowers:

    13. The person behind this life-changing cookie hack:

    14. This pool legend:

    15. The brain behind Poop Shoes:

    16. This makeup magician:

    17. This Snapchat expert:

    18. The people behind this amazing discovery:

    19. The vacuum virtuoso:

    Yik Yak

    20. The hands-free lord of the party:

    21. This enterprising young dad:

    22. The person behind this watershed moment in cereal history:

    23. And this dog:

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