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    19 Pictures That Prove Monsters Live Among Us


    1. The guy pooping in a public bathroom BAREFOOT:

    Nothing weird about this guy taking a barefoot shit in a public bathroom.

    2. The guy walking around Walmart BAREFOOT:

    This guy is literally bare foot at Wal-Mart.... Like why? How even? #done

    3. The guy abusing this poor treadmill BAREFOOT:

    4. The guy walking around a Chick-fil-A parking lot BAREFOOT:

    This guy just came out the ChickFilA barefoot though

    5. The guy using an innocent ATM BAREFOOT:

    Behind the barefoot guy in the ATM queue.

    6. The guy in pursuit of higher education BAREFOOT:

    This guy comes to class barefoot everyday. I swear, granolas will be the end of humanity.

    7. The guy riding the subway BAREFOOT:

    And in other train news...this guy thought it would be ok to go barefoot on the subway

    8. The guy getting banana peppers on his sandwich in a Subway restaurant BAREFOOT:

    Barefoot at Subway. What oh what (!) is this world coming to?

    9. The guy pumping gas BAREFOOT:

    Alright @tomcblock, explain this one to at the gas station

    10. The guy walking around Target BAREFOOT:

    some guy is walking around target barefoot

    11. The guy getting carnitas on his Chipotle burrito BAREFOOT:

    Barefoot in chipotle I seen it all

    12. The guy at Wendy's BAREFOOT:

    This guy is Not barefoot in Wendy's!

    13. The guy in McDonald's BAREFOOT:

    14. The guy walking around Taco Bell BAREFOOT:

    Apparently it's completely acceptable to enter @tacobell barefoot.... #Disgusting

    15. The guy giving everyone in the movie theater a preview of his feet, which are BAREFOOT:

    These two guys are barefoot in a movie theatre. Wtf. #gross

    16. The guy in Rite Aid with his dirty BAREFOOT feet:

    Barefoot in Rite-Aid... classy. #gross

    17. The guy riding the bus BAREFOOT:

    @Only_in_SPFD this guy was shivering the whole time he was on the bear line because he insisted on being barefoot

    18. The guy about to be 30,000 feet in the air BAREFOOT:

    Why is this guy walking through the terminal barefoot?

    19. And the guy getting an extra shot of espresso BAREFOOT:

    Barefoot guy at Simi Valley Starbucks!



    Please put them on.

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