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    Posted on Aug 6, 2013

    21 Ways Your Life Could Be A Million Times Worse

    Hey, it could always be worse.

    1. You could be this dad trying to dive into a pool:

    2. Or this could be your dad's idea of fun:

    3. You could be failing miserably at doing the "Cups" dance:

    4. Or failing miserably at Ding Dong Ditch:

    5. You could be having the most uncomfortable car ride ever:

    6. And you could've been woken up like this:

    7. Or like this:

    8. This could have happened to you while riding the subway:

    9. And this could've happened to you while lighting some candles/doing karaoke:

    10. Your awesome trick-shot video could have ended like this:

    11. And your awesome dance could've ended like this:

    12. This could be happening to you right now:

    13. You could have completely forgotten how gates work:

    14. You could have just dropped it like it's hot:

    15. Or dropped your computer like it's hot:

    16. You could have been woken up like this:

    17. And your morning could have started like this:

    18. And then your brother could have done this to you:

    19. Your relationship could be like this:

    20. And this could have happened in the department store:

    21. And your day could be going something like Darius':

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