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    18 Pictures That Will Scar You And Your Eyes For Life


    1. How's this look to you?

    2. Delicious, right?

    3. That's the good stuff.

    4. THAT'S what I like to see.

    5. Keep 'em coming.

    6. Theeere we go.

    7. Just like that.

    8. Yesssssss.

    9. How you holding up?

    10. Doing okay?

    11. Still with me?

    12. Question for you: What kind of animal lets this happen to their earphones?

    13. Whose ears have these been in?

    14. How does this even happen?

    15. Imagine wearing these.

    16. Imagine sticking these in your ear after handing them to a friend.

    17. Imagine taking these out of your ears and seeing this:

    18. And imagine just licking all this up.

    1. 19. How we feelin'?

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    19. How we feelin'?
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      Not so good, David
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      I'm okay
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      That wasn't bad at all
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      Honestly? I prefer Home Alone 1 to Home Alone 2
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      A wee bit queasy, my lass
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      Kind of unaffected
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      Didn't really read
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