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    Updated on Sep 25, 2018. Posted on Sep 24, 2018

    19 Things You Never Knew Could Be Turned Into WAFFLES

    This is a game changer.

    1. Quesadillas AKA Waffledillas:

    2. Mac and cheese AKA Mac and cheefles:

    3. Mozzarella sticks AKA Wafflerella sticks:

    4. Grilled cheese AKA Graffle Chaffles:

    5. Churros AKA Chuffles:

    6. Croissants AKA Crofuffles:

    7. Cinnamon rolls AKA Cinnaffles:

    8. Donuts AKA Doffles:

    9. French toast AKA Freffles:

    10. Brownies AKA Brofuffles:

    11. Tator tots AKA Tuffles:

    12. Falafel AKA Falafle:

    13. Stuffing AKA Stuffles:

    14. Cookies AKA Wookies:

    15. Sandwiches AKA Sandles:

    16. Mashed potatoes AKA Mashed potaffles:

    17. Eggs AKA Eggles:

    18. Burritos AKA Bobuffles:

    19. Pizza AKA Puffles:

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