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24 Types Of Friends Everyone Has In Their Group

We all know these people.

1. The friend that's always "on the way":

2. That friend that's always filming a documentary:

3. The friend you always have to feed:

4. The friend that has the same wardrobe as you:

5. The friend that always wants to party:

6. The friend that always is thinking the same thing:

7. The friend that always wants to take a selfie:

8. The friend that has no sense of direction:

9. The friend that won't stop talking in the group chat:

10. The friend that doesn't know how to be quiet:

11. The friend who has a phone like this:

Ok I lied, I never dropped it. My iPhone 6 cracked as soon as I said "Mirror mirror on the wall. Who's the..." 😂😭😡😫

12. The friend that always forgets to give you a blanket:

13. The friend that always cries:

14. The friend who has a nickname only YOU can call them:

15. The friend that always calls instead of texts:

16. The friend that can eat whatever they want and not show it:

That Moment When Your Skinny Friend Tells You How Much They Can Eat & Eat & Eat And Not Gain Any Weight...

17. The friend you have to drag home:

18. The friend that always takes the joke too far:

19. The friend who always gets the scraps:

20. The friend that has some mystical power to be the only one who looks good in group pictures:

Matt Bomer is that friend who always looks FLAWLESS in group pics.

21. The friend you Facetime with like:

22. The friend who has a laugh that's funnier than their jokes:

23. The friend that never wants the night to end:

24. And that friend who always has a plan:

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