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24 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Your Twenties

Although time is an illusion and age is just a construct.

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1. Your twenties are this Snapchat:

2. They're this blizzard preparation:

3. And this firefighter:

4. They're this workout routine:

5. And this healthy diet:

Yik Yak

6. They're about realizing why things go wrong:


7. And trying your best to make something beautiful:

8. And fixing your past mistakes:

9. Your twenties are this text message:

10. They're this YouTube caption:

11. This baby:

12. And this cheesecake disaster:

13. They're about doing the things that make you comfortable:

14. They're about problem solving:

15. And they're about putting all those years of schooling to work:

16. Your twenties are about staring your goals right in the eye:

17. And about realizing some may not be possible:

18. And they're about relishing those tiny victories:

Yik Yak

19. Your twenties are about letting loose every now and then:

20. They're about trying to come up with that next big idea:

21. And about finding solutions that WORK:

22. They're about starting to properly manage your money:

23. About being resourceful:

24. And finding friends who are there for you in any situation:

But mostly they're just this sign:

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