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    Trypophobia Is An Absolutely Terrifying Thing And You Definitely Have It

    Warning: this might trigger you.

    For the uninitiated, trypophobia is the fear of small...

    It can happen anywhere, anytime. You can't enjoy breakfast:


    Or dinner:

    It can happen in the shower:

    Or on a peaceful little hike:

    How are you doing? OK? Well, look at this seedless strawberry:

    What about these CHOCOLATE-covered strawberries?

    How does this roasted garlic make you feel?

    What about this old beehive?

    Or this espresso machine?

    How does it feel to know this is what a child's skull looks like before his or her adult teeth come in?

    A child's skull, before their milk teeth fall out. This is freakier than all the Alien films combined.

    And this is what an adult's skull looks like covered in googly eyes:

    And don't even get me started on coral:

    Ever wondered what it looks like when someone kneels on frozen peas? Wonder no more:

    Oh, and make sure you never wear your sandals too long:

    This is a lotus pod, aka your worst nightmare:

    Here it is on a woman's tongue:

    And here it is, OH LORD, ALL OVER A HUMAN BEING.

    PHEW. You made it. Reward yourself with this beautiful puppy.


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