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23 Things No One Ever Tells You About Becoming An Adult

Well, I guess this is growing up.

1. The value of a dollar:

2. How fast fruits get brown:

3. Phone calls are the most stressful thing a person can experience:

4. How to stay healthy as an adult:

5. Some things are worse than death:

6. Adult friendships are a lot like this:

7. How to get out of plans:

8. You will never not be tired again in your life:

9. Socks are basically adult gold:

10. The many perks:

11. You will become obsessed with tile floors:

12. And grocery stores:

13. You always forget your load:

14. People aren't 18 anymore:

15. This is the key to a good night's sleep:

16. Everything you learned in school will never come up:

17. You're gonna eat the damn banana:

18. There's always food at home:

19. How important rhyming is:

20. Your index finger WILL get tired:

21. Google is your best friend:


23. And, finally, there are no answers: