28 Things You'll Only Understand If You Play Lacrosse


    1. How it feels to switch from defense to offense:

    2. How to feels carrying a lacrosse bag around:

    3. And how this is a perfect present:

    4. This face:

    5. How these are your best friends the first few weeks of the season:

    6. How to spot a goalie:

    7. This feeling:

    8. Or how it feels when your pass to a cutter is picked off:

    9. Or this:

    10. What it's like to have a guy like this on your team:

    11. And how this is actually the sign of a successful day:

    12. This:

    13. How it feels to practice without a stick:

    14. How this basically describes your early days of lacrosse:

    15. This terrible joke:

    16. And how desperate times call for desperate measures:

    17. How this perfectly sums up JV ground ball struggles:

    18. This:

    19. What it feels like when you have to be middle back:

    20. This:

    21. This:

    22. The BEADS:

    23. This feeling:

    24. And especially this:

    25. How no wardrobe is complete with some of these bad boys:

    26. What it means to know all the lyrics to this song:

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    27. The importance of some good old-fashioned flow:

    28. In conclusion:

    Inspired by and memes from r/Lacrosse, Lacrosse Memes, and Lacrosse Memes (Instagram).