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23 Things We Should Just Forget About The '90s

Nostalgia can also be really, really bad.

1. NO.

2. NO.

3. NO.

4. NO.

5. NO.


Once they're stuck, they're stuck forever.

6. NO.

Nothing is worse than when your candy breaks.

7. NO.

8. NO. I mean yes? NOOOOOOO.

9. NO.

10. NO.

My thumbs still hurt.

11. NO.

12. NO.

Being stuck in Mount Moon with no repels is my own personal hell.

13. NO.

14. NO.

15. NO.


The monster still gives me nightmares.

16. NO.

The fedora of the '90s.


Still crying from this.

18. NO.

View this video on YouTube

19. NO.

20. NO.

21. NO.

22. NO.

23. And Fred Durst:


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