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27 Pictures That Will Change The Way You Eat Food

There's no going back.

1. Make filling a taco easy by putting a fork under it like this:

2. Put a cup of ice in a pitcher of beer to keep it cool:

3. Balance a pizza box on a bottle to keep the toppings from getting all over the place:

4. If you and another person want to tackle a pint of ice cream, split it the right way:

5. Use a straw to ensure even topping distribution:

6. The right way to open a kiss:

7. How to microwave two bowls at the same time:

8. How to cut small foods:

9. How to get the best bread for a sandwich:

10. The right way to empty soda into your fridge:

11. If you're down to your last bit of something in a jar, just throw some ice cream in there and go out with a bang:

12. How to eat a cupcake the right way:

13. What the lines on solo cup actually mean:

14. The right way to eat Oreos:

15. How to make Oreo ice coffee:

16. Wrap a wet paper towel around a drink and throw it in the freezer to cool it off quickly:

17. Cool off a drink the right way:

18. How to eat a strawberry like a professional:

19. How to cut bread the right way:

20. No bowl? No problem:

21. Freeze a water bottle on its side to ensure you have cold water the next morning when you fill the rest of it up:

22. How to open a stubborn pistachio:

23. The right way to drink out of a can:

24. How to separate the yolk from the rest of the egg:

25. How to cut food the right way:

26. How to ensure a proper sandwich to meat ratio

27. And, most importantly, how to make sure you always have a taco on the go:

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