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The 32 Dumbest Things That Have Ever Happened

Oh, not this again.

1. This umbilical cord comment:

2. This soul-crushing contest:

3. Barraco Barner's foreign policy:

4. Kelsey's new membership:

5. Probably the worst bird-related question ever:

6. This new classification of animal:

7. This sound piece of logic:

8. Lisa standing up for what she "believes":

9. Robby's night at the hospitel:

10. This lack of toast:

11. The world's worst perfume:

12. This wish:

13. This dumb elevator business:

14. This Spanish lesson:

15. Laura's conspiracy theory:

16. This civil rights case:

17. This insult:

18. This surprisingly open attitude towards people-eating:

19. Jack's scientific analysis:

20. This groundbreaking teeth-whitening method:

21. Shelby's important pregnancy question:

22. Nini's 4th of July celebration:

23. This important question:

24. This person's stunning revelation:

25. This #travesty:

26. This study:

27. This sex-ed lesson:

28. The backwards B:

29. This scientist's spiel:

30. This all-star use of the #wondering hashtag:

31. This alarming lack of comma:

32. And... uh... this:

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