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These Are The Faces Of People That Hoarded 135 Cats In Their Trailer

And yep, they look pretty much exactly how you'd expect them to look.

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In case you were wondering: they're father, son, and aunt.

From CBS 6 Albany:


With a search warrant in hand state police entered a trailer at D&R Village mobile home park in the Town of Halfmoon Monday and discovered 135 cats.

“They just kept coming out of the house all these cats. I don’t even know how that many cats got in one trailer to tell you the truth.”

Neighbors we spoke to did not want to be identified but tell us an elderly couple lived in the mobile home.

"I could smell the pee when I walked my dog past the house back in October and November it was awful, it was horrible."

And here are two of the cats that were rescued:

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