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19 Pictures That Prove The World Should Have Ended In 2012

We're on borrowed time.

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1. Because of shit like this:

2. And people like this:

3. And, oh lord almighty, this:

4. Because of tattoos like this:


5. Memes like this:

6. And routines like this:

7. Because no one needed to know Luigi's girth:

8. Or how country boys make do:


9. And no one needed to see SpongeBob's tight little asshole:

10. Because of theories like this:

11. Drawings like this:

12. And dreams like this:


13. Because of people like this:

14. Sales like this:

15. And... and... this:

16. Because no one needed to see a sexy Tide Pod:


17. And no one needed to see this drawing get ChalkZoned:

18. And no one needed to know this:

19. And, finally, because if it doesn't just end, chances are this is our future: