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23 Struggles Kids Today Will Never Know Or Understand

Unless they do, in which case color me not that surprised.

1. The never-ending search:

2. The endless search for the perfect CD:

3. The no-internet struggle:

4. "This program has stopped responding":

5. The LUXURY:

6. The delicate process of finding the perfect ringtone:

7. The "no disc" disappointment:

8. The lie that was "skip protection":

9. The no-cable lifestyle:

10. Seeing this and thinking, Sounds about right:

11. The car ride struggle:

12. Missing your channel and having to wait for it to come around again:

13. Losing this ball:

14. Waiting an eternity for one song:

15. Actually physically holding directions like some kind of barbarian and/or mom:

16. Carrying around pencil and glue stick bombs:

17. The horror:

18. Destroying your tongue with these:

19. Hoping and praying this would go through:

20. This terrifying notice:

21. Walking away from this playground with four splinters and three wasp stings:

22. Squeeze-to-check batteries that destroyed your fingers:

23. And seeing this and thinking your priceless babies were WORTHLESS: