The 35 Most Powerful Snapchats Of 2013

You might want to grab a box of tissues.

1. This dog’s last wish:

2. This man’s battle against the TSA:

3. What many might see as the answer to all problems:

4. This stunning autobiography:

5. This important piece of data:

7. This groundbreaking scientific development:

8. This strange message from the other side:

9. This man’s brazen selfie:

10. One colonial woman’s brave quest to churn as much as she can churn:

11. This man’s exciting revelation:

12. The publication of this tell-all:

13. This man hitting rock bottom:

14. The cat selfie to end all cat selfies:

15. Jamie’s playtime:

16. This person’s quest to do what has never been done:

17. One brave woman’s dream to get boys to come to her yard:

18. This man’s desire to be whatever he wants to be, even if it’s Patrick Star:

19. The clouds over this city seemingly sending a sign to those below:

20. Abraham Lincoln lending a hand to a child in need:

21. This unbelievable discovery:

22. The first ever dog selfie:

23. This life-changing piece of advice:

24. Mary’s divine advice:

25. This shocking situation:

26. The darkest time in all our lives:

27. This heartbreaking tale:

28. An old man’s longing for his favorite snack as a child:

29. This dog’s turn to the dark side:

30. This extremely NSFW snap:

31. Aladdin’s new friend:

32. This heartwarming couple’s story:

33. And this man’s brave selfie in the face of assversity:

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