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The 22 Funniest Pranks Pulled In 2014

Prank you very much. Get it? Do you get it? Do you? Like "thank." I hope you get it.

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1. The Living Mattress:

2. The Pee Prank Gone Horribly Wrong:

3. The Lake Monster:

4. The Don't Fall Asleep in Class Prank:

5. The Zombie Mom:

6. A Very Rude Awakening:

7. The classic Old Dad Smokin' a Pipe Dinosaur Prank:

8. The Fake Sneeze:

9. The Killer Clown:

10. The Being Followed Prank:

11. The Unintended Consequences Water Prank:

12. The Invisible Barrier:

13. The "THERE'S A SPIDER ON YOU" Prank:

14. The Fake iPhone Noises Prank:

15. I GOT IT:

16. The Fake Poop Prank:

17. The Rat Prank:

18. The Emergency Brake Prank:

19. The "I'M COMING" Prank:

20. The Snake in the Shower Prank:

21. The Invisible Rope:

22. And the Fake Poop Splatter Prank:

Today we are all the Fake Poop Splatter Prank.