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29 Pictures That Are True For Absolutely No Reason At All

Nope, none at all.

1. Multiple trips are for quitters:

2. Changing the song is necessary no matter the situation:

3. Spatulas have it out for you:

4. This is totally possible:

5. No one really knows the point of this:

6. Less volume = more seeing:

7. This makes everything 10x more relaxing:

8. This is the REAL walk of shame:

9. This is the loudest object in the known universe:

10. You always overthink a "here":

11. This is what "I'll let you know" means:

12. You can never finish the storyline:

13. Smells will always find you:

14. You can't start 5 minutes late:

15. This should be an Olympic sport:

16. This too:

17. Avoiding "likes" is a full-time job:

18. It's never worth it to ask someone to repeat:

19. You'll always say yes:

20. This is the one way to tell if it's hot out:

21. This rocks your entire world:

22. Slapping it always makes it better:

23. The best arguments are always won 6 hours later:

24. You'll always look too early:

25. There is no worse feeling:

26. This is the world's most dangerous game:

27. Sometimes you just need a double nap:

28. There is no grosser feeling:

29. And this is how you GET THINGS DONE: