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26 Texts You Need To See Before You Die

These texts are the only thing that matter. These are the alpha and the omega. You cannot shuffle off this mortal coil without seeing these texts.

1. The Pecan Pie Debacle:

2. The Midnight Bananas:

3. The Big Move:

4. No One Will Ever Know:

5. The Commercial:

6. The Directions:

7. An Old Friend:

8. The Cereal's Gambit:

9. The Mantis Prays:

10. How Do You Want It?

11. Grammy's Orders:

12. Frowns:

13. A Textual Haunting:

14. Science:

15. Lightly Fried Fish Fillets? Lightly Fried Fish Fillets:

16. Mom's Jokes:

17. Making Big Plans:

18. I'm Comin' Home:

19. Encouragement:

20. The Mysterious Animal:

21. The Dirty Dan:

22. The Cutest Couple:

23. Cera-Stache:

24. The Toughest Man Alive:

25. How To:

26. And The Linda:

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