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26 Pictures Only “Harry Potter” Fans Will Think Are Funny

Hogsmeander your rear end over here and laugh.

1. The duality of Daniel:

2. Hagrid's shocked revelation:

3. The ONLY door that matters:

4. Dumbledore's point system:


5. The lifespan of an owl:

6. Why Guess Who wouldn't work in the Harry Potter universe:

7. Hogwarts Nightmares:

8. The most important Facebook page:


9. The biggest pop star at Hogwarts:

10. Voldemort's witnesses:

11. The perfect pickup line:

12. The year's hottest film:

13. Too real:

14. Solid relationship advice:

15. Dumbledora the Explorer:

16. The smoothest line of all time:

17. Snape's first role:

18. Hagrid cuttin' through the BS:

19. Sirius's terrifying cellmate:

20. A more effective sorting hat:

21. Harry Potter meets Mean Girls meets Hunger Games:

22. The saddest song:

23. The three types of students:

24. Gas prices these days:

25. How to get an automatic A:

26. Harry Potter birth control:

And finally, your life on a scale of 1–10: