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Updated on Jan 28, 2020. Posted on Jul 30, 2018

18 People Who Are Having An Immeasurably Worse Day Than You

It can always be way, way worse.

1. Hey, at least you don't have a mouthful of gunk:

2. And at least you didn't cry through at the worst possible time:

3. And at least this didn't happen to you:

4. Hey, at least your soul didn't leave your body:

5. And your cookies didn't have an untimely death:

6. And, hey, at least you didn't ruin any weddings:

7. It could be worse. I mean, you could be a Smurf for life:

8. Or be on the wrong end of a wrong number text:

9. Or just literally be the most awkward person in the world:

10. I mean, think about it. At least your dog didn't go on summer vacation in your house:

11. And at least you don't have to teach a room full of kids about the fragility of human existence:

12. And, hey, your E button still works:

13. At least you didn't send the worst possible text to the worst person:

14. And at least a little kid didn't make you feel 100,000,000 years old:

15. And hey, at least some nuns didn't silently damn you to hell today:

Twitter: @oregonjobs2

(Although, to be honest, this person is living the damn dream.)

16. Just remember: auto correct still loves YOU:

17. YOU still have your porch:


18. And, hey, at least you're not Danielle:

Twitter: @sewkx

Could be worse.

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