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18 People Who Are Having An Immeasurably Worse Day Than You

It can always be way, way worse.

1. Hey, at least you don't have a mouthful of gunk:

2. And at least you didn't cry through at the worst possible time:

3. And at least this didn't happen to you:

4. Hey, at least your soul didn't leave your body:

5. And your cookies didn't have an untimely death:

6. And, hey, at least you didn't ruin any weddings:

7. It could be worse. I mean, you could be a Smurf for life:

8. Or be on the wrong end of a wrong number text:

9. Or just literally be the most awkward person in the world:

10. I mean, think about it. At least your dog didn't go on summer vacation in your house:

11. And at least you don't have to teach a room full of kids about the fragility of human existence:

12. And, hey, your E button still works:

13. At least you didn't send the worst possible text to the worst person:

14. And at least a little kid didn't make you feel 100,000,000 years old:

15. And hey, at least some nuns didn't silently damn you to hell today:

Twitter: @oregonjobs2

(Although, to be honest, this person is living the damn dream.)

16. Just remember: auto correct still loves YOU:

17. YOU still have your porch:


18. And, hey, at least you're not Danielle:

Twitter: @sewkx

Could be worse.

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