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Take This "Yes Or No" Quiz To Find Out Whether Or Not You Were Spoiled As A Kid

So, were you?

  1. Did you have a tamagotchi?

    Twitter: @The90sLife
  2. Did you have a Polly Pocket?

    Twitter: @forevermylove__
  3. Did you have totally not comfortable but totally cool inflatable furniture?

    Twitter: @itsshannonburns
  4. Did you have an Easy-Bake Oven?
  5. Did you f*ck with floam?

    Twitter: @madelynn_white
  6. Did you break your ankles with moon shoes?

    Twitter: @jennnnwilliams
  7. Did you have this aggressively full book of markers?
  8. Did you have these robotic dogs?
  9. Did you almost kill your sibling with Sock'em Boppers?

    Twitter: @sorryimerinnn
  10. Did you have these laser tag guns?
  11. Did you stamp the hell out of some stamp markers?
  12. Did you have all your favorite music in Hit-Clip form?
  13. Did you get lit with a Lite Brite?
  14. Did you have your own personal see-through phone?
  15. Did you have these Sky Dancers?
  16. Did you have a Skip-It?
  17. Did you ever get lost in that Crossfire?
  18. Did you have this castle?
  19. Did you have one of those dolls with a bottle of magic milk?

    Twitter: @elizabeth_h_06
  20. Did you have a pair of these stylin' skates?
  21. Did you have an extensive collection of Beanie Babies you SWORE were going to be worth millions some day?

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