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    23 Apology Cakes That Are Almost Too Hilarious To Eat

    Every apology should be a cake.

    1. For when you betray the one you love the most:

    2. For when you make a tiny mistake:

    3. For when the ham is just too dang good:

    4. For when you can't stop:

    5. For when you have the best night of your life:

    6. For when you are a walking disaster:

    7. For when you're truly, truly sorry:

    8. For when things get a little demonic:

    9. For when you've committed a grave error:

    10. For when you gotta bare it all:

    11. For when you do the 'bu:

    12. For when your night takes an interesting turn:

    13. For when you have an accident:

    14. For when you get a little teethy:

    15. For when you just wanna say thanks:

    16. For when winter comes without you:

    17. For when you're just quoting your favorite movie:

    18. For when you suck at drinking:

    19. For when you're never there:

    20. For when you gotta get them Z's:

    21. For when you get a little elbow happy:

    22. For when you give it your all:

    23. And for when things go very, very wrong: