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25 Pictures That I Guarantee Are Going To Make You Smile

It's about time something did.

1. This extremely hopeful statistic:

2. Shelter updates:


3. Much needed rest:

4. Visiting hours:

5. Student fuel:

6. The best days:

7. The world's most wholesome competition:


8. The best kind of drunk conversation:

9. The world's calmest dog:

10. The most comforting parrot there is:

11. The world's most thoughtful busker:

12. Wagging injuries:

13. Spare change:

14. Requests:

15. Rides to school:


16. Brand new grads:

17. Russian dogs:

18. Perfect fundraisers:

19. Safety toys:

20. Neighborhood thoughtfulness:

21. The scariest haunted house:

22. 10 seconds:


23. Succulent love:

24. Perfect explanations:

25. And, finally, the world's greatest alpaca:

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