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26 Pictures That Are So Damn Dumb But So Damn Funny

Sometimes you just need something dumb.

1. The best movie intro in film history:

2. This beautiful poem:

3. Who you gonna call:

4. Every school picture day ever:

5. The smoothest pick-up line out there:

6. Best friends forever:

7. This terrifying ghost:

8. James Bond's accomplice:

9. Old-timey STDs:

10. Spunow:

11. The perfect trap:

12. The lasaga saga:

13. This important phone call:

14. This very important question:

15. Your favorite cartoon theme song:

16. Phteven:

17. This warning:

18. Birb expansion:

19. The most inspirational verse there is:

20. This lonesome duck:

21. This rad pun:

22. The skeleton comedian:

23. She:

24. The world's greediest baby:

25. This beautiful, beautiful Facebook update:

26. And this never-ending saga:




Eh, close enough.