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26 Snapchats That Will Make You Laugh Harder Than They Should

Snap 2 live. Live 2 snap.

1. The world's worst psychic:

2. Life in a nutshell:


3. The tale of the nine headbands:

4. This poor mixer:

5. BIRB:

6. The perfect cocktail:

7. God's fudge:


8. This demanding baby:

9. The destruction of the suburbs:

10. This skeleton situation:

11. The world's most polite dog:

12. The creeping cop:

13. Positivity in a nutshell:

@rileytheiggy / Via Instagram: @rileytheiggy

14. How to make the most out of a baby:

15. This unicorn DISASTER:

16. The happiest roll:

17. Extreme bee measures:

18. This banana DISASTER:

19. The baby-summoning:


20. This guy's new car:

21. The best kind of jam:

22. This odd message:

23. Spelling struggles:

24. Your new favorite sport:

25. Teaching in a nutshell:


26. And this cry for hamster help: