11 Simple Drinking Games You Need To Play Right Now

Let us drink.

1. Choo Choo Train

“Every time you laugh, you must pump your arms back and forth. This inevitably gets other people to laugh how ridiculous it looks and soon everyone is moving their arms which causes more laughing and soon everyone is dead.” - Bananajon1


“If you laugh, you can’t show your teeth! It looks hilarious to everyone else and before you know it every is laughing while tucking their lips over their teeth.” - BUCKWHEATsauce

3. Hank Hill

“Whenever you talk you need to include “I’ll tell you what” in the sentence.” - TeTrodoToxin4

4. Little Green Man

“Everyone has an imaginary “little green man” sitting on their drink, every time you go to drink you must pick up the little green man and put him on your shoulder, then put him back after you’ve taken a drink.” - kamikageyami

5. No Cellphones

“If you touch your phone during the game, then the rule maker is allowed to send any text message to any contact in your phone. You better pay attention to the company you have in front of you.” - slough0967

6. The Ke$ha Game

Becky Sullivan / Via Flickr: becky-sullivan

“You have to repeat the last word you say say.” - lumberzach316

7. Water Buffalo

“Here’s only one rule: hold your drink with your non-dominant hand. If anyone participating in the game catches you at any time holding your drink with your dominant hand, then you chug your drink on the spot. It doesn’t matter if you have beer, wine, or everclear; you finish that drink on the spot.” - liddok3vin

8. T-Rex Arms

“Whenever you go to drink, you have to lock your elbows in at your sides so that you have T-Rex arms. If you forget, you drink again.” - Ozwaldo

9. No Cursing

“Any time someone curses they have to write the word on them in sharpie… worked a treat especially if you’re heading out after. Some lads were covered in words all up there arms and on their face.” - irishleeds

10. Right Meow

The word “now” is replaced by “meow.”

11. Get Down Mr. President

“When the rule maker puts his/her finger up to their ear (like listening to a secret service earpiece) everyone must follow suit. Then, everyone jumps up and yells “get down Mr. President!” at the last person to do so, and tackles them to the ground.” - Dragonpunch84

I would suggest buying some kneepads before trying this one out.

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