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25 Signs You Grew Up With Disney

You know you did.

1. You don't speak Spanish, French, or German... but you do speak whale:

2. Oh, and you know a bit of Swahili:

3. Your movie collection looks something like this:

4. You freaked out when you first heard about this:

5. And this too:

6. Your procedure for crying goes something like this:

7. You expect all libraries to look like this:

8. You know this address better than your home address:

9. You've tried to style with a fork at least ONCE:

10. You obsess over finding every little hidden secret:

11. Every time you get to hold a baby or small animal you always end up holding it like this:

12. You get irrationally excited when you see a picture like this:

13. You can't look at this scene or a sunset without singing this:

14. Be honest... you thought this was a "G" as a baby:

15. Everything you know about geography you've learned from Disney:

16. And everything you've learned about working out you've learned from Disney:

17. ...for better or worse:

18. Whenever you say goodbye you feel a little like this:

19. You're constantly trying to bippity-boppity things into existence:

20. Looking in the mirror every morning feels a lot like this:

21. This basically do this everytime you go swimming:

22. You constantly wish you had small animals to help out with your everyday activities:

23. Everytime you see a lizard you yell, "MUSHU!"

24. And although everyone may say that Disney gave you unrealistic expectations about love...

25. You know the truth:

Some items on this post were inspired by this article.