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Updated on Aug 17, 2020. Posted on Jul 12, 2013

25 Signs You Grew Up With Disney

You know you did.

1. You don't speak Spanish, French, or German... but you do speak whale:

2. Oh, and you know a bit of Swahili:

3. Your movie collection looks something like this:


(Besides Prince Of Egypt, of course.)

4. You freaked out when you first heard about this:

5. And this too:

6. Your procedure for crying goes something like this:

7. You expect all libraries to look like this:

8. You know this address better than your home address:

9. You've tried to style with a fork at least ONCE:

10. You obsess over finding every little hidden secret:

11. Every time you get to hold a baby or small animal you always end up holding it like this:

12. You get irrationally excited when you see a picture like this:

13. You can't look at this scene or a sunset without singing this:

14. Be honest... you thought this was a "G" as a baby:

15. Everything you know about geography you've learned from Disney:

16. And everything you've learned about working out you've learned from Disney:

17. ...for better or worse:


18. Whenever you say goodbye you feel a little like this:

19. You're constantly trying to bippity-boppity things into existence:

20. Looking in the mirror every morning feels a lot like this:

21. This basically do this everytime you go swimming:

22. You constantly wish you had small animals to help out with your everyday activities:

23. Everytime you see a lizard you yell, "MUSHU!"

24. And although everyone may say that Disney gave you unrealistic expectations about love...

25. You know the truth:

Some items on this post were inspired by this article.

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