28 Signs That You Totally Have Senioritis

    Graduation can't come soon enough.

    Does this look familiar to you? Here's some signs you might be afflicted with this horrible disease.

    1. If your morning routine looks something like this:

    2. If every time you get assigned an essay, you just sort of react like this:

    3. And this:

    4. But then five minutes before class, it's like this...

    5. And during the test, it's like this:

    6. But just eventually turns into this:

    7. If your face looked like this when you got a bad grade during first semester...

    8. And looks like this when you get a bad grade now:

    9. If your weekly planner looks something like this:

    10. And your face looks like this every Sunday night:

    11. And this every Monday morning:

    12. And your last day of winter break went something like this:

    13. If every time you walk into class, you say this to yourself:

    14. Or this:

    15. And whenever a teacher asks you a question, you react like this:

    16. If this basically sums up your thoughts during class:

    17. If your face when the teacher keeps you even 30 seconds late looks like this:

    18. And you do this every time the bell rings:

    19. If whenever someone asks you if you did your homework, you say this:

    20. And whenever someone says you have a test today you react like this:

    21. And your test answers are starting to look like this:

    And this:

    And this:

    22. If you're starting to question your whole entire educational career:

    23. And you just want to say this to every teacher who asks why you're so late:

    24. If you're worried that college or the real world is going to go something like this:

    25. Because this is currently going on in your brain:

    26. But in the end, you've only got a few short months left, so things are starting to look a lot like this:

    27. And this:

    28. Basically.