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"The Walking Dead" Season 3 Recapped In Memes

Roam free, young Carl. SPOILERS, obviously.

Season 3 has been a wild ride so far:

We've lost some good friends, like this owl:

And this possum:

William Shatner:

Glenn's hat:

That random dude sleeping in a shack:

Herschel's leg:

And the best character in the history of the show:

The survivors were devastated:

Especially Rick...

...about most things:

Completing his transformation:

The phone rang:

The grass stayed mowed:

This dude still had to garden even after the world ended:

And Daryl somehow made a poncho look badass:

A man with a mustache showed up:

Carl learned how to survive the zombie apocalypse:

And totally redeemed himself:

Carol became a champ:

Michonne did her best cat impression:

And Maggie became Grumpy Cat:

Herschel got a beard:

Daryl got a baby:

The survivors got a new dude with a hammer:

A sink smiled:

Rick saved Christmas:

And Lori urinated: