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27 Pictures That Will Make You Say "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat"

Are you sitting? Sit down.

1. This is what poppyseeds look like under the microscope:

2. There's nothing behind those towels in Bed, Bath, and Beyond:

3. This is what the inside of a Magic 8 Ball looks like:

4. This is why it's called "candy corn":

5. If you write this down it sounds just like Mary Poppins:

6. The Hawaiian Punch guy is wearing a HAT:

7. This is what ramen noodles look like on the inside:

8. If you put your finger in your ear and scratch it'll sound just like Pac-Man:

9. These two songs are exactly the same:

10. OK looks like a little dude:

11. And Hiiiiii looks like this:

12. Upside down looks the same...upside down:

13. You've been pronouncing Nutella wrong:

14. Toasters actually work like THIS:

15. You can say this sentence seven different ways:

16. This is how cashews grow:

17. And this is how pineapples grow:

18. And don't even get me started on peanuts:

19. Ice cream advertisements sometimes use mashed potatoes to get the perfect picture:

20. You can fit every planet in between the Earth and the moon:

21. Squidward is an OCTOPUS:

22. Your entire childhood was a lie:

23. This is how Ekans got its name:

24. This is the RIGHT way to pour:

25. This is how chopsticks were meant to be used:

26. This is the true meaning of that phrase:

27. And, in case you're still hanging on, just remember: Your parents will never pick you up again: