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24 Reasons Why Parents Shouldn't Be Allowed To Text

Or maybe exactly the reason why they should be the only people allowed to text.

1. They always make fun of your love life:

2. And play horrible pranks:

3. Or just plain cruel pranks:

4. They don't stand a chance with autocorrect:

5. It's horrible, really:

6. They make absolutely no sense:

7. And everything goes wayyyy over their heads:

8. They use hashtags at inappropriate times:

9. All they ever want to talk about is Avril Lavigne:

10. And the Spice Girls:

11. They speak in code:

12. A code we will never understand:

13. And their comebacks will burn you:

14. They have no idea how to use emoticons:

15. But they do know way too much about One Direction:

16. They don't understand how phones work:

17. They have no idea at all:

18. And they especially don't understand how to use their phone's camera:

19. They're never where they say they are:

20. And they're always repeating themselves:

21. Their jokes are horrible:

22. They're way too into raving:

23. They text you from the worst possible places:

24. Finally, they're always getting Kim Jong-Il and Britney Spears mixed up: