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Updated on Aug 18, 2020. Posted on May 14, 2013

38 Reasons Everything Is Way Better In Canada

Sorry. And now I'm sorry about saying sorry. Sorry.

1. You can experience two seasons within 24 hours:

2. And two winters:

3. And spring is beautiful:

4. In fact, all of the weather is beautiful:

By Sarah Lazarovic / Via

5. I mean, you can tan YEAR-ROUND:

6. The Westboro Baptist Church is banned from Canada:

7. Ice cream doesn't melt year-round:

8. Breaking Bad is a lot happier in Canada:

9. Though things may get a little out of hand...

10. ...and internet arguments can get a little heated at times...


11. ...this is probably the biggest danger you'll run into:

12. Jedi is an official, state-sanctioned church in Canada:

13. The buses are apologetic:

14. Canadian mosh pits are the most hardcore, intense experience a person can have:

15. And this is the most intense, happy moment a person can have:

16. Hawaiian pizza (aka a definite top 10 pizza) was invented in Canada:

17. The Canadian worldview is quite nice:

18. And the country itself fits this description perfectly:

19. Canadians aren't afraid to tackle tough issues and solve big problems:

20. The province of Alberta hasn't had a single rat in 50 years:

21. Canada dresses in style:

22. The fish are healthy and plentiful:

23. And the daily life looks a lot like this:


24. Canada is the most educated country in the world:

25. The crimes, while horrid, are still way less frequent than in the United States:

26. And the police chases are much more entertaining:

27. But thankfully it's easy to catch someone in Canada:

Christopher Drost/SHiFTdigital / Via

28. Tattoos are way more badass:

29. And Tupac looks way cooler making it rain with Canada's colorful bills:

30. There's a pond that has this name:

31. And there are newspaper articles like this:


32. Oh, and "V3G1N4" is a postal code in Canada:

33. The most popular video in Canada is hilarious:

34. The mayors are way better than your stupid mayors:

35. That's because Canada respects its politicians:

36. Probably because they are such fantastic athletes:

37. This happened:


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