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Updated on Aug 19, 2020. Posted on Aug 15, 2014

22 GIFs Guaranteed To Be The Most Interesting Things You See Today

Trust me.

1. How ice cream cones are formed:

2. Popsicle production:

3. How crayons are made:

4. How Hostess Fruit Pies are filled:

5. How ice cream sandwiches are made:

6. How a helmet gets its camouflage:

7. How highway barriers are laid:

8. How springs are formed:

9. A pen-testing machine:

10. What a fork likes before and after:


11. How a different kind of spring is made:

12. Daytime fireworks:

13. What a shockwave looks like in slow motion:


14. Mass production of pretzels:

15. Cutting metal:

16. How a ladybug flies:

17. How dough is cut:

18. A pencil-sharpening machine:


19. How pasta is cut:

Science Channel

20. A machine that tests highlighters:


21. What happens when you fly a drone through fireworks:

22. And a machine that mass produces sweet, delicious pancakes:

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