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22 GIFs Guaranteed To Be The Most Interesting Things You See Today

Trust me.

1. How ice cream cones are formed:

2. Popsicle production:

3. How crayons are made:

4. How Hostess Fruit Pies are filled:

5. How ice cream sandwiches are made:

6. How a helmet gets its camouflage:

7. How highway barriers are laid:

8. How springs are formed:

9. A pen-testing machine:

10. What a fork likes before and after:


11. How a different kind of spring is made:

12. Daytime fireworks:

13. What a shockwave looks like in slow motion:


14. Mass production of pretzels:

15. Cutting metal:

16. How a ladybug flies:

17. How dough is cut:

18. A pencil-sharpening machine:


19. How pasta is cut:

Science Channel

20. A machine that tests highlighters:


21. What happens when you fly a drone through fireworks:

22. And a machine that mass produces sweet, delicious pancakes:

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