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27 Positions Every Single Person Has Been In Before

Positions of LIFE.

1. The "Just Took a Nap" Position:

2. The "Why Not Me" Position:

3. The "Stick Close to Me" Position:

4. The "IT'S TOO HOT" Position:

5. The "Monday Morning" Position:

6. The "WHAT IS GOING ON" Position:

7. The "Never Gonna Buy This" Position:

8. The "Remote Control" Position:

9. The "Sweet Relief" Position:

10. The "I Can't Hear You" Position:

11. The "Wet Floor" Position:

12. The "I'm Not Leaving Bed" Position:

13. The "Please No" Position:

14. The "Stay Low" Position:

15. The "SORRY!!!!" Position:

16. The "Trapped at a Friend's House" Position:

17. The "I'm Not Drunk" Position:

18. The "I Can Explain" Position:

19. The "Spaghetti Sounds Nice" Position:

20. The "I'm Me Again" Position:

21. The "Betrayed by Time" Position:

22. The "Movie Theater" Position:

23. The "What'd You Say???" Position:

24. The "I'M GONNA DIE" Position:

25. The "Not My Fault" Position:

26. The "Last Resort" Position:

27. And "The Pizza" Position: