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17 Reasons Why No One Should Ever Vaccinate Their Kids

Why would you? WARNING: Contains images that some may find disturbing.

Why would you ever want to get vaccinated?

1. This doesn't look THAT bad, does it?

The good old days before vaccination. #polio #vaccineswork

2. Measles doesn't even look that intense.

3. Don't see what's so bad about this.

Iron Lungs used before the Polio Vaccination. Read about it here: http://t.co/rdNKelnBbO #vintage #history #oldschool

4. Looks fun!

The Drinker Respirator, 1929: an apparatus for artificial respiration in cases of polio (i.e. iron lung). #histstm

5. Not seeing what looks so bad here?

6. You know, it might be fun to walk around like this after an outbreak.

Doctors in protective clothing during an outbreak of smallpox in #Chicago between 1962-1963. @SwedishCovenant

7. Or like this.

Siberia to continue to hold Russia's only stock of smallpox http://t.co/gv24WPt6uH

8. Polio doesn't look like anything that's so terrible.

#TBT to 1950 when #Iron-lung helps #polio patient breathe with a nurse's help.

9. Who needs a vaccine?

10. Can't really see the need for them.

Adults get measles, too. Papular type here, mistaken for smallpox, 1920s. #vaccines

11. This information is worthless, anyway. Just a bunch of gobbledly-goop.

12. Looks manageable.

13. This model arm doesn't even seem that bad.

This isn't a real arm... but it was cast from one! 19th c model of advanced smallpox. #AlabamaArchives #MusHalloween

14. Not seeing what's so bad about this?

15. Nope, not at all.

16. Hey, life's more fun when you pretend it's the damn Oregon Trail, anyway. You know?

Remember, there is no reason to vaccinate your kids.