32 Things That Literally Everyone Has Done Before In Their Life

We’re much more the same than different.

Everyone has…

1. Done the international sign for "I Might Make Another Sandwich":

3. Traveled through dimensions:

4. Rehearsed their lines in their head:

6. Won all the arguments:

7. Got unreasonably excited when this happens:

8. Pictured your life in jail:

9. Had an anxiety attack trying to put away change:

10. Prepared your escape:

11. Had a crisis at the eye doctor:

12. Waited a little too long to find the right show:

14. Remembered the good times:

15. Fought off the demons:

17. Lived this beautiful moment:

18. Made huge plans:

21. Thought their car was on fire:

22. Had your life flash before your eyes:

23. Been self-conscious about those wipers:

24. Got a good night of sleep like this:

25. Expected it immediately:

26. Spelled Wednesday like this:

29. Won the international strong-person competition:

30. Hit repeat seven times in a row:

32. And looked a little TOO HARD in the mirror:

We’re all in this.

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