Thalassophobia Is A Real, Terrifying Thing And You Definitely Have It

    Thalassophobia is the fear of the sea. You probably have it.

    Thalassophobia is the fear of the sea.

    1. It might be something you've had your entire life.

    2. It might be something you never knew you had.

    3. How does this make you feel?

    4. Does this make you uncomfortable at all?

    5. Or this?

    6. Imagine being on this boat.

    7. Imagine seeing this giant squid in person.

    8. Or walking into the water and seeing these two smiling faces:

    9. Imagine seeing this in person:

    10. Or this:

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    11. Or whatEVER the hell this thing is:

    12. How are you doing? Still with me?

    13. The ocean is terrifying:

    14. Truly terrifying:

    15. Take a look at this:

    16. And, oh lord, this:

    17. Imagine being beneath of all these sharks:

    "Thalassophobia encapsulates: Fear of ocean, especially open water.Fear of what is underneath you in the dark water…

    18. Or looking down and seeing this:

    This is a 1000 foot hole found at Lower Ruth Glacier in Alaska covered only by a sheet of clear ice.

    19. Feel sick?

    20. Feel scared?

    21. Feel like you might just fall in this hole and never come up?

    22. You just might have thalassophobia then.