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23 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Every Trip To Grandma's House


1. These strawberry candies that just appeared out of nowhere:

2. Or these, which were always in her purse:

3. Fruit magnets all over the fridge:

4. And a fridge that looked like this:

5. Complete with grandma's favorite Tupperware inside:

6. A drawer dedicated specifically to plastic bags:

7. And another full of condiments:

8. Cookie tins that NEVER had cookies:

9. Cabinets you were never allowed to touch:

10. And a room you were never allowed in:

11. Complete with a chair that looked like this:

12. This pot, always full of the best food:

13. And these bowls and plates:

14. A TV that doubled as furniture:

15. And that always had these shows on:

16. Or these judges laying down the law:

17. These toe destroyers all over the place, making sure you didn't run too fast:

18. A bathroom full of towels that never worked:

19. Grandma's ball of needles:

20. A stationary bike just randomly in a room:

21. Grandma's hand full of cash giving you some money on the sly as you left:

22. Grandma standing on the porch saying goodbye like this:

23. And, best of all, a fridge that looked like this the next day: