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22 Perfect Ways To Respond To A Text From Your Ex

And then never respond to them again.

1. Explain your standards:

2. Take compliments in stride:

3. Ask the important questions:

4. Be honest:

5. Remember your "things":

6. Let some pictures do the talking:

7. Cancel your plan:

8. Provide some instructions:

9. Tell them what they remind you of:

10. Share your dreams:

11. Engage in some playful dirty talk:

12. Use the "U" word:

13. Or less playful talk:

14. Tell your side of the story:

15. Help with their travel plans:

16. Reminisce on the good ol' days:

17. Come up with an amazing comeback:

18. Ask the magic conch:

19. Point them to the line:

20. Provide some life advice:

21. Give 'em the High School Musical treatment:

22. And if all else fails, just tell them the truth: