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19 People Who Got Roasted So Bad They Should Delete Their Account

Hard to come back from that.

1. This person who treats their body like a temple:

person who says they don't want to get vaccinated and the other person says you did meth

2. This person who has never seen a map:

person who does not realize georgia is a country

3. This biblical historian:

person who says sex is for marriage and the other person says show me adam and eve's birth certificate

4. This guy who needs to read up on the people he argues with a bit:

person telling the pope to read the bible

5. This genealogist:

person who says they wonder if they're related to their ancestors

6. This vaccine hater:

person who says if you put vaccines on a spoon you'll die and the other person says yeah you will if you inject broccoli too

7. This creator of a brand new awkward moment:

person who says people who say that awkward moment are bad and no one comments

8. This person with a very strong grasp of grammar:

person who says women shouldn't have opinions about sports and someone says you're an idiot and the other person uses the wrong your

9. This birthday mathematician:

person who says bernie should give away all his birthday cake for his birthday and other other person resplies that's how birthdays work

10. This non-kneeler:

this person who sayrs they will not kneel and someone says you've never had sex and the other person says my kids are proof i have and the other person says you should stop having sex with your kids

11. This person who is a little confused about the person involved:

person who says the pope is not a true catholic

12. This mask hater:

person who says they know people that wear masks that have gotten the virus and the other person sarys i know people who obey driving laws and die

13. The creator of this sign:

anti-mask sign that gets shut down

14. This person with a very good understanding of the law:

person who asks how fast someone was going on a parking ticket

15. This person completely unaware of who Stephen King is:

person who asks if stephen king read the stand

16. This person who just invented the radio:

person who says they wonder if anyone listens to the same song as you and the other person says have you heard of radio

17. This person who doesn't understand gas:

person who does not know how an oven works

18. This person who just found out about ID:

person who says the governement can track your face if you use face id and the other person says have you heard of drivers licenses

19. And number two:

person talking about corona spread and the other person falls for a joke about density

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