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22 People Who Just Forgot How To People

People-ing is hard.

1. The dude who found out EXACTLY what science is:

2. The guy trying to eat a donut in space:

3. The dad doing a great job of dropping all the stuff in his garage on his car:

4. The lady who felt her car could use a healthy steak:

5. The person giving sauce bathing a try:

6. The kids driven to madness by Spongebob:

7. The lady trying to communicate with the other world:

8. The guy trying to wrap himself in measuring tape:

9. The person who can't figure out how hot dogs work:

10. The mom trying to baptize her child in juice:

11. The person who has never seen a sandwich before:

12. The person who decided an iron should help the laundry get done:

13. The woman locked in an ongoing war with her wall:

14. The lady who forgot how arms work:

15. The person trying to cut themselves a nice piece of hammer:

16. The Hulk trying to use toothpaste:

17. The person who found out how hard juice pouring really is:

18. The world's worst delivery man:

19. The guy whose first hot dog is off to a terrible start:

20. The lady who just got her first computer:

21. The person trying to cut bread with wood:

22. And this man doing a slow, rhythmic mating dance:

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