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    24 People You Know Are Definitely Dead Now

    RIP in Peace.

    1. You know he's dead.

    2. Oh, he's dead.

    3. Her? Dead for sure.

    4. RIP.

    5. Oh, he's real deal dead.

    6. And he's real deal blue steel dead.

    7. You know she's dead.

    8. RIP in Peace.

    9. This guy? Dead.

    10. You know they're dead.

    11. She's definitely dead.

    12. You know he's dead.

    13. RIP in P.

    14. Oh, she's dead.

    15. She's definitely dead.

    16. This guy? Dead.

    17. He's done dead.

    18. This lady? Dead.

    19. You know HE'S dead.

    20. He's dead for sure.

    21. This guy? Dead.

    22. This guy is definitely dead.

    23. You know for sure they're dead.

    24. You know he's dead.