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45 People Who Should Not Be Allowed To Use The English Language

That's it! Your English privileges are revoked!

1. Geniouses:

2. Anyone that describes themselves as a plank of wood:

3. People that probably think there's a "U" in happiness:

4. People who desperately need to learn the difference between "then" and "than":

5. People with seriously questionable life goals:

6. Or seriously questionable Christmas plans:

7. People, who, don't, know, when, to, use, punctuation:

8. And. Desperately. Need. To. Learn:

9. Like. Come. On:

10. Most news broadcasters:

11. People who are crying tares of sorrow right now:

12. So many tares...

13. People who probably haven't used deodorant themselves before:

14. People who think hypnotists "do not be real":

15. People that should probably steer clear of college:

16. Just keep on walking past that college...

17. Robby:

18. People who put vegetables in their hair:

19. People who get really worked up over their artwork:

20. People trying to summon the dead through questionable means:

21. The world's worst scrabble player:

22. People who you probably never want to smell:

23. Like, ever:

24. People who probably have much bigger regrets than a tattoo like this:

25. Or this:

26. Or this:

27. Or this:

28. Or this:

29. Or people who put way, way too much faith in Noone:

30. People who just keep digging themselves a bigger hole (that they probably can't get out of):

31. People waging war on the female anatomy:

32. People unfamiliar with how movies work:

33. People who just answered their own question:

34. People who let everything go RIGHT over their heads:

35. People who probably shouldn't be in this country:

36. People who keep pausing the metal:

37. People with PIERODS:

38. People who get this joke:

39. People who have no idea how breathing works:

40. People who have acute and obtuse friends up in the sky:

41. The Kernal:

42. Morans:

43. Teenagers on Twitter:

44. People who have failed their mission spectacularly:

45. And anyone that has Snooki as their "ro-model:"