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Updated on Aug 19, 2020. Posted on Feb 28, 2013

45 People Who Should Not Be Allowed To Use The English Language

That's it! Your English privileges are revoked!

1. Geniouses:

2. Anyone that describes themselves as a plank of wood:

3. People that probably think there's a "U" in happiness:

4. People who desperately need to learn the difference between "then" and "than":

5. People with seriously questionable life goals:

6. Or seriously questionable Christmas plans:

7. People, who, don't, know, when, to, use, punctuation:

8. And. Desperately. Need. To. Learn:

9. Like. Come. On:

10. Most news broadcasters:

11. People who are crying tares of sorrow right now:

12. So many tares...

13. People who probably haven't used deodorant themselves before:

14. People who think hypnotists "do not be real":

15. People that should probably steer clear of college:

16. Just keep on walking past that college...

17. Robby:

18. People who put vegetables in their hair:

19. People who get really worked up over their artwork:

20. People trying to summon the dead through questionable means:

21. The world's worst scrabble player:

22. People who you probably never want to smell:

23. Like, ever:

24. People who probably have much bigger regrets than a tattoo like this:

25. Or this:

26. Or this:

27. Or this:

28. Or this:

29. Or people who put way, way too much faith in Noone:

He's a pretty untrustworthy dude.

30. People who just keep digging themselves a bigger hole (that they probably can't get out of):

31. People waging war on the female anatomy:

32. People unfamiliar with how movies work:

33. People who just answered their own question:

34. People who let everything go RIGHT over their heads:

35. People who probably shouldn't be in this country:

36. People who keep pausing the metal:

37. People with PIERODS:

38. People who get this joke:

39. People who have no idea how breathing works:

40. People who have acute and obtuse friends up in the sky:

41. The Kernal:

42. Morans:

43. Teenagers on Twitter:

44. People who have failed their mission spectacularly:

45. And anyone that has Snooki as their "ro-model:"

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