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22 People Who Can't Be Trusted Under Any Circumstances


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1. People who just chomp into ice cream teeth first like a madman:

2. People who jam Pringles into their mouth like this:

3. People who eat a burrito like a dang corn on the cob:

4. Absolutely insane people who think milk goes first:

5. People who munch Pop-Tarts two at a time like MANIACS:

6. People who eat tacos like a G.D. barbarian:

7. People who disrespect pizza like THIS:

8. People who disrespect sushi like this:

9. People who do this to poor, poor pancakes:

10. People who put ketchup on the INCORRECT way:

11. People who disrespect pies like this. That pie didn't deserve this. That pie had a family.

12. People with no respect for the proper way to eat a chocolate bar:

13. People who think opening a cereal box is SOME KIND OF GAME:

14. People who do Kit Kats so wrong:

15. People who...who...WHO LET THIS DONUT BE HURT LIKE THIS:

16. People who pull a Ferdinand Magellan and just start mappin' out a fork-and-knife path through a pizza like CRAZY PERSON:

17. People who think this is an okay and sane thing to do:

18. People who think it's okay to put toilet paper on backwards:

19. People who let this happen to a poor, defenseless banana:

20. People who just say COWABUNGA and chomp into a cheese stick:

21. People who just chomp on into a pear from the top like an insane person:

22. People who basically are just drinkin' ketchup:

And worst of all, people who think it's okay to eat wings like this:


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