28 People That Deserve Their Own Special Place In Hell

Can I get an amen?

1. People who think they don’t need to replace the roll because this is a perfectly adequate amount of toilet paper:

2. Anyone who lets this happen to a poor, defenseless tube of toothpaste:

3. People who think it’s OK to leave these hanging around the gym:

4. Numbskulls who get to the front of the line and then do this:

5. People who think it’s OK to throw anything in whichever aisle:

6. People who don’t wait for others to exit an elevator and just try to force themselves in:

7. The person who invented an eraser that does this every single time:

8. People who give you back your calculator covered with pencil and looking like this:

9. Serial K-ers:

10. Whoever packaged these pills like this:

11. And whoever let this happen:

12. The dolt who made it so closing blinds is a three-hour chore:

14. The right-handed pen makers of the world who think it’s OK to make lefties read upside down their entire lives:

15. Roommates who think this is OK:

16. The numpty who made boxes way more difficult than they should be:

17. People who stand on the left side of the escalator, effectively blocking traffic:

18. People who are dicks to people serving them food:

19. The dope who designed stickers to always leave a mark:

20. People who turn train seats into beds:

21. Nimrods who lock their bikes to other bikes:

22. People who think they’re being clever by driving in the median:

23. People who talk to you when you have headphones on:

24. The dingus who made computer screens functional mirrors:

25. People who run websites where this happens on every page:

26. People who go to the museum like this:

Or go out to dinner like this:

27. People who use their high beams EVERY WAKING MOMENT:


28. And everyone who has used this hashtag:

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