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    19 People Who Are About To Get Some Reaaaaally, Really Bad News

    Somebody's gotta tell them.

    Somebody needs to tell these people...

    1. Those aren't ladybugs:

    person who posted a picture of bed bugs thiinking they were lady bugs

    2. That's..... not Coke:

    picture of a guy holding a coke bottle with yellow liquid that says this is what sunbleached coke looks like

    3. We can all see the code:

    someone giving away their credit card number on twitter

    4. That's the wrong oil:

    guy putting vegetable oil into his engine

    5. That's just gonna explode everything:

    phone sitting inside a microwave

    6. That's one liquid you shouldn't play with:

    person playing with mercury

    7. There's no such thing as a Trump rookie card:

    people posting their social security numbers on facebook

    8. That's not going to be kind to your insides:

    facebook post of raw chicken with the text has anyone ever gotten salmon vanilla from not fully cooked chicken

    9. That money ain't coming back:

    texts from a person saying they bought $doge for $5000 and are getting half back when selling, and they are new to crypto and want money back

    10. That's not how you eat eggs:

    reddit post with a person saying hard boiled eggs are disgusting because of "the crunchy soft mix"

    11. Tires should not look like this:

    person who sanded down their tires

    12. That's the US:

    facebook status of someone threatening to leave the united states and move to hawaii if biden wins

    13. Everyone can see that password:

    tweet of someone posting their password online

    14. Your eyes aren't gonna be green:

    facebook comment of someone with a red eye under an image suggesting putting lemon drops in your eye will turn it green

    15. That's ain't an original:

    a $20 van gogh image for sale and someone asking if it's an original painting

    16. Twitter ain't censoring nada:

    person putting their credit card number on the internet

    17. They're riiiiight outside:

    someone looking for keys inside their car, while the keys are right outside in the car door

    18. That ain't printing:

    yahoo answers question where someone is trying to print a gif
    Yahoo Answers

    19. And... uhhh... no it's not:

    someone arguing the universe doesn't exist and the only planet is earth
    Twitter: @wheiens / Via Getty

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